MX: final community gardening poster

here is the final output of the community poster. my teammate from Team Growin' Together can be viewed here.

Here are some needs/solutions for the gardeners of the present and how our online gardening community will enhance their gardening experience.

need: how to connect gardeners from around the globe.

solution: we will host seasonal online growing competitions. they will be able to submit photos and video to the site to compete worldwide to see who has the best gardening capabilities. the winner circle then flies to a location in the world to celebrate together. each season the location will be changed. this will encourage gardeners to compete and stay connected with one another for growing tips.

need: what happens if i forget to properly ready my gardens for the different seasons?

solution: a phone service sends calls for seasonal changes. the message will leave them tips (trim your shrubs, save your summer bulbs, dry your flowers for the upcoming winter months) about what should be done to prepare them for the upcoming months. this way you can maintain a healthy garden year round. it will also give advice what can be grown during each season (did you know you can grow onions in the cold winter months?)

need: my garden looks fine, but how can i see what other people are doing?

solution: you are able to document the plants (and their sizes, how many times you water etc) in your garden from very specific to nothing at all. you'll then be able to compare the ways people might grow their gardens. if you have the best stuff around, the other users on the community garden site will often visit your documentation to see useful ways to do what you do best. what about if you need help growing a particular green? no worries, you'll find other users from around the globe who are growing the same thing, successfully or not. (based on a tagging system)

need: advice on how to save water.

solution: notifications can be sent to your phone with weather updates. it will show you the weeks forcast, and have prediction days when you should water, and when you can hold out. also allows you to purchase items, like a rain barrel, so you can use the (free) rain water to quench your gardens thirst.

need: help starting a compost

solution: advances with online mapping will allow you to see where to pick up free compost materials. the mapping will indicate where the businesses or homeowners live that hand out this useful material. you can then map that point on your phone to help you get there. did you know, companies like starbucks have free coffee grounds to use in your garden and compost?

need: help starting or growing a particular green in your garden.

solution: users can record their stories online about how they overcame a growing delimma. the audio or video file can then be downloaded or streamed through your computer, radio speakers and mp3 player. the person listening is able to look at their own lawn while hearing a persons voice advise them on how they succeeded with their garden. everyone loves a good story.

need: to know how much material to buy for the garden

solution: a calculator application for the phone will help find out how much of a particular material a person needs for the size of your garden. this might include how much mulch to buy, how big certain plants get after an extended period of time, what variety of plant is best for you in your climate or what tools a gardener need to use to successfully grow in their yard.


summer internships

Over the summer I was able to use dip my hand in a variety of internships. I don't feel like typing much (and considering my eyes hurt from reading so much type on screen), so let your eye balls relax and enjoy the work.

ok i lied. the very first small things I will show are personal experiments using after effects. short, but cool indeed. first one uses gestalt in motion.

the second is the same technique appropriated to something more practical. look mom– i'm linking content, not web pages! now that's what I call web 2.0!


vt2 envelope

I can't release the complete cd layout until it's officially released. My co-worker Dan from vt2 will send me a copy. so until then, these are some of the elements i created for the design

final design/illustration stills for animation spot

organize, edit content, replace elements within e-poster

intern work from Baylor College of Medicine –

web banners

chapter layout for textbook

layout annual newsletter. I might add my photograph was published on the back page!

layout and illustrations for another newsletter


MX: process crit poster

process on the community poster.

and of course, teammate Lorga’s ‘individual’ model poster.