MX: project two final

alas, working wire frame website.

you can view the image, or better yet, click for live site! gergwerk.com

when thinking of the design for my site, I wanted the navigation minimal, very easy to understand, and be accessible at all times. the focus should be about my work, my achievements and information, not ornate elements that take away, or distract, from the them. one thing i am going to work on immediately is centering the content as apposed to having everything reside on the left side of the screen. during the process of making this site, i am most proud to remember how to build css document, and attach actionscript 3.0 to smoothly scroll through the images. i built this all myself! i had some help to figure out the scrolling images, thanks to josh, ian and michael dead man may. i struggled most with considering what i am capable of producing, and what i originally had planned the website functioning (keyboard functions that would toggle on and off navigation and flip through content). im not exactly sure what i learned through the process. it takes me a while to reflect upon experiences to pull out what i really learned...but if i had to say what i learned, it's that everyone has their own way of building these things (websites through css and actionscript). nobody is wrong for building it differently, just find out what works best for you and use it to the best of your capability. apply what you know to anything, even if what you know is just a little.