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Point of View from a Wurm

Life lessons are discussed through wur-man's point of view. This was a good pick-me-upper for some of the recent events in my life. Based on my own experiences and knowledge, 'exaggeration' of information helps me weed out the bull sh*t. Exaggeration helps me distinguish what I like and am interested in. Unfortunately for reviews for portfolio day, the people who interviewed me had no interest in the things i was doing. At first this brought me down but I soon realized I wouldn't have gone to interview with them to get a job in the first place. It was just bad luck! Based on the work I show people in the field that I'm interested in, their comments are very different that of those of branding and architect firms. Communicators shouldn't assume their messages will have universal meaning. It's all about perception, and every one's is different. The important thing is to, like i said before, weed out the crap and take the information that actually would help improve my work and or portfolio. All of the things I create are based upon past experiences of things I've seen and read. It's the things i consider important that stick with me that helps shape my perceptions and make the work I am interested in. Of course perceptions are biased by our own point of view, but that's what makes the world so interesting. We wouldn't ask questions or challenge each others beliefs (bahh) without our own exaggerated point of views.

Information enriches perception.

I chose the articles based on education because I think the way we learn is very interesting. I have met people with great teachers, and shitty ones, so i think it's interesting to see which methods would be best for most amount of people. I don't think there is a single answer how to teach people. It needs to be a case by case solution. Some people in my class understand information right out of the gates, but others (like myself) always need clarification on the instructions given. One can't assume just by reading a blog post and in class discussion that everyone will understand what wants to be done. I agree somewhat to both articles, but I of course disagree with some of the points the authors make. There is a lot of information I cannot comprehend in Gordon's article, because I've never had the experience of being a teacher. There were some b.s. comments we thought he made, but when Epp read it totally agreed on. That's because he is a teacher and has experience in that field, which we do not. My goal for these articles to allow the reader to view all the information all at once, as well as one at a time. This allows the reader make their own connections and biases based on their preference. They can read it one at a time, or compare both articles side by side. It's all about you. and you and you. Because every one's preference and perception differs... In the wise words of willy "OOOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"



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