kinetic type

my object of soccer was the cleat. i chose the words speed, dig, and grip. these are things a cleat helps when a player is bolting down the field.

third time is a charm.


RHETORIC 1 :: audience

i chose a hispanic audience because i grew up in one of the most heavily concentrated areas (texas). not only this, it is the largest minority group within the united states, with the least voter turnout.

1. what are some predominately shared values of this group?

-longing and nostalgia for their country of origin
-spiritual in nature
-hispanic homes are more decorative
-most backgrounds are very religious
-family is the most important value Strong feelings of loyalty, reciprocity and solidarity are common among members of the same family. hispanics have a sense of obligation to provide material and emotional support to members of nuclear and extended family.

2. what political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why?

-the iraq war
-the economy
-health care
they want affordable/good education for their kids to have a better chance at a more suitable lifestyle. the economy is a concern, because they want their children to grow up and live more comfortably. some hispanics are still very touchy on the issue about immigration. because a good majority are religious (conservative), gay rights, abortion, and taxes are important to this demographic.

3. are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with? what?

-latino/hispanic actors and actresses
-dancing/salsa music
virgen de guadalupe
-cezar chavez
-festivals that involve dancing/food

4. what does their graphic landscape look like?

-handmade, colorful, spanish architecture

5.including the aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?

-according to the aiga, they responded too busy, voter registration problems, illness, not interested, did not like the candidates or what they stood for. they also thought they wouldn't make a difference if they tried.
-many of the hispanic community that sees the benefit of voting was either not legal or too young.

hispanic vote
hispanic research

Kinetic Type: Brainstorming


Semitotics Templates

my object (camera) applied to some templates for a final system. Making these four artifacts I chose to use a limited color palate of black, sepia and light blue. The colors are connotations of photography itself. The black is of course black and white photography, sepia used to tone photographs a brownish tint, and light blue for a cyanotype effect. I wanted to use elements of photographs with my generated symbol of the icon of the camera. Some elements used were negatives, the borders of prints and negatives, and and historic photographs themselves. The icon I created of the camera is built from a couple of different camreas because the cameras themselves tend to be works of art. I used the body of a brownie camrea, the lens of an argotype camera, and the viewfinder of a holga to create the icon that is shown in all of the compositions. There will be nessisary changes for the final output here in a couple of days.

promotional poster:
Product book:

enviornmental t-shirt:detail:
informational postcard:



Semiotic Matrix

This exorcise shows the combination of text and image, using the icon/index/symbol of my object.



Each spread comes from each of the final booklets. One was done in ink, while the other with cut out paper.

Action: Slide Tackle

Action: Kicking

After creating these two, ten panel books, I created a 20 frame storyboard. I experimented with new sequencing, timing and camera angles for dramatic effect.


MOTION CAPTURE: process documentation

Here are two 'superior' spreads of each of my six books for my topic of soccer.
The two actions of this topic are kicking a ball and slide tackling.

slide tackle:

Kicking a ball:


Semiotic Gradient

Objective: Post 40+ images of semiotics of a camera (icon/index/symbol)
Object: Camera