This past week I was very fortunate to be invited by Brett Wickens of the Ammunition Group to attend the Click San Francisco conference. It was just what I needed - more exposure! I am also very proud that the Ammunition Group has asked me to help design (a quite badass) iPad application. I can't show you any details, but you'll hear all about it once it comes out.  

At the conference, the setting was very intimate, so intimate in fact, that I ended up sitting next to Mattais Hanson, the CEO of a
 digital media training and immersion programme in Sweden called Hyper Island. He mentioned there were no ‘teachers’, no ‘grades’ and instead of working on one big assignment, the students attending do work with real clients for real life exposure. It made me reflect on my experiences at the KCAI and note the similarities and differences between the two programs. It's interesting to hear how other students go through different school curriculums.
Hyper Island in a Nutshell from Martin Bergén on Vimeo.

Dustin Callif and Jason Zada of Tool of North America gave an interesting talk about how they are thinking about interactive video for the iPad. They have recently come out with a bitchin’ iPad application (from what I've seen). "By touching, shaking and turning your iPad, you can navigate, unlock and reveal unexpected variations in each of these four “Touching Stories.” Shot by five different directors—and contained in one single app—these interactive, live-action, short stories evolve storytelling in ways that have never been done before on the iPad." - source Not to mention the app IS FREE (search “Touching Stories”). So if you find yourself with time and an ipad laying around, swing your sweet butt down to the apple store and download this app!  Here is a little behind the scenes video to get your interests peaked.

I was also able to hear Stephen Clements of AKQA talk about their solution to head up the new Halo Reach “Remember Reach” Campaign (which is super caliente right now). They built an interactive space that “will let gamers manipulate a Kuka industrial robot to create a virtual monument to Spartan warriors in the run-up to Halo: Reach.” I'll just leave this here.

"Halo: Remember Reach" Behind the Scenes from Ashley Rodholm on Vimeo.

Another really nice guy I met was Vincent Morisset of AATOAA. He has done some really amazing things for Arcade Fire. His newest project with them, Synchronized Artwork, explores new ways to create and present visuals with digital albums. He also did the be oNline B interactive music video that won Gold Pencil award at the One Show. 

I was able to listen and meet lots of other speakers such as Iain Tate of Wieden and Kennedy, Daniel Rhatigan of Monotype Imaging as well as some other great speakers on a panel that answered various questions.

These talks were great, but I was very excited by one in particular. Brett Wickens of the Ammunition Group included my work in his presentation. He didn't just mention my work. He didn't just show a slide of the final video. He played the ENTIRE THING. My heart was practically exploding out of my chest when the final credits ran. I am very grateful that Brett liked my project enough to share it with other people.