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Ian and Nick comment about my key-site here.


Laura Berglund said...


Ian Tirone said...

Rendering method of individual objects:

The rendering of the objects is appropriate, but i don't know if its the photographs or the scale, or just that it is on the web, but some of the keys look a little fuzzy while others appear to be more clear. it is cohesive, they are all rendered the same way. Engaging? I don't know, alone no, i would say that if i was just looking at the pictures of the keys it wouldn't be engaging, but what is engaging is the overall site aesthetic and i don't think there is a way to render the keys that would be more engaging while still working with the rest of the site.

Composition & typography of site's content:

I think the leading in the side columns could be a little wider. It is still definitely accessible and has a good measure, but a little leading could do. The playful changes in weight and style lend themselves to making an engaging copy.

Information visualization strategies:

some of your infographs have titles on them and others only have titles on the side bar. the infograph about key anatomy could use some space it all seems really tight together. the infograph about the lock anatomy is a bit confusing i think more labeling could clarify or maybe more of the lock to give the lock innards context. but the illustrations are well done and engaging as objects. i know the side column explains each infograph, but each time i find myself wanting some of that information in the graph itself, so in the ven diagram i want the columns labeled.


the only problem i have functionality wise is the lack of an intro page. but other than that I think the site is clear and easy to move through the content and use of snotty language is humorous and engaging, making me want to read more for the things that make me laugh. I find myself wondering what he is going to say next.

nice der gerg. ++Ooorrryyyyyeeeee