Better late than never.... so they say

I've been spending too much time trying to find an aesthetic value I like enough to pursue, which means I'm so far behind I wont be sleeping for weeks. It's not even funny. Now that I have a generalized look to it I'm going to run in that direction. Unfortunately for that direction, I can't do what I'd really like to do... which is draw everything. Instead I'm replacing drawings with vectors.. a very digital feel. Time makes enemies of us all. I'll post the drawings I have already completed for the final outcome.
That being said, the content of my site also needs work. What a way to start out the semester.

Here are my three sorting methods. The reason the middle image is a different color for the nav bar is because that is the color it turns for a roll over option. The other two indicate what sort method you're currently looking at.

The next seven are my infographics. I'll start off with what I think are the worst and go from there. I need a new image method or angle to denote the parts of the car I'm calling out. It looks bland in comparrison to the others.

Seems to also be bland. Also very light on the information... I wonder what other facts I can add to this bundle of fun.

I'm not sure the drawing style matches the rest of the site.

I dislike how everything looks so much better as a sketch on paper. On top of all this, I need to create two new infographics along with fixing these... and generating code.

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Anonymous said...

Greg, this is your uncle Bill. Your ma sent me this blog link. It sounds like you are very negitative with your descriptions. become more positive, even if it means looking more deeply. all is not lost. you are still young and have everything to look forward too. enough of mommy type stuff. come down and visit for spring break and we will catch some fish. love ya ub