Second Songs

I have decided to spoil everyone's fun and show the lyrics of the entire album in one image. Luckily for you you can't read type that's tracked between -300 and -490. What I did was took each line of the song and condensed it down to as close of a pixel as i could. Then I stacked them all into the grid structure made by Jash Lambert (formally pronounced Josh) to spell out the album name the song pertains to. This means the entire album name is created out of each line of each song from the band. The results are quite interesting when I use a serif type (new caledonia) for a heavy metal band (TOOL) and a sans serif (helvetica neue extra light) for a frilly frolly singer named lykke li. The caledonia I used for Tool was thick and alluded to a lot of the deep meanings in their music. Tyler G says it eludes to the idea of metal having black sensor bars. I really enjoy the macro level heaviness I get while looking at the tool album name. While it might look heavy and blocky, the micro level has a touch of grace and elegance with the descenders and ascenders. As for lykke li's, she didn't sing enough lines in her album to fill up the name! what does that tell you about her as an artist! I haven't figured out how to finish the name of her album yet, so I just filled it in with the typeface i was using to condense her songs. She often repeats herself in her songs and when they are condensed down results in patterns being dispersed throughout the letters. There is quite a shift from the two contrasting faces. the one that seemed more elegant at first becomes robotic and geometric, while the other becomes very elegant through the pairing of descenders. Here are the images of the two albums. I find it interesting trying to find ways to incorporate time based events into a single image. Now that i've done this, how can i apply my previous experiments to this one? Perhaps my next step is to incorporate image with this type.
Can you read what the album names are? The answer to this question is at the bottom of this post. This will be a test to see if Jash's type and my applying pixels is legible. Don't cheat or I'll send my team of killer whales to come find you in your home. They told me to tell you if you cheat they will "vouuuwwwwwummpp vouuuwwwwwummpp you oooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyooo". And they mean business.

the answer for the first one is tool's Aenima and the second is Youth Novels. Here is the sweet type that Jash is credited for.

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