just got lockedddd

three iterations for the look and feel of my key site. also shows process that i build my own boxes digitally through photographing the boxes that lead type sits in. the photographs are the rendering style because you miss fine aesthetic details, texture and color if i were to draw them by hand. there are also so many interesting shapes i couldn't produce easily with drawings than I could with photography. by using the wood separators i am able to create a housing for my keys to be grouped in any organization that i choose. i realize the website navigation wouldn't say 'home/one/two/three' these are just place holders for other key terms and sorting methods. so far i'm not liking the feel. reminds me of a dungeon masters room.

process of photographing technique

index page 1:
index page 2:
index page 3:
these three are macro views of my potential website. the bottom image is the micro view and infographic about history of they key. cropped. these will be incorporated in the micro stages to call out what the infographic is referring to.

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