Back on track with with Red and Black

This link is a collaboration project on how to change a byke tyre with team ΩTRON (better than feltron). The team consists of of type expert Shmurglund (Laura Berglund), and illustration experts Big Boy Tirone (Ian Tirone) and Gerg Werk (myself). Together we figured out ways to pop a tyre, take the tyre off and whip at nearest wildlife, and replace with new tyre to begin racing traffic. Things went smoother than my roommate Pooty Waltman's face. The color is red because this aint your grandma's byke. This is for confident people who know what they want when they want by confident designers. I stole this image from Big Boy Tirone without his permission, but we all made it so I thought it was okay. There will be a better detailed version when we get the project back from Sir Kidwell bikes-a-lot.

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