more iterations...

I wasn't really feeling the dungeon master theme.. it didn't turn out the way i imagined, so i began something more simple. by doing this hopefully i could focus more on the information graphics that will be in the website. i tired a more ornamental approach approach, but i soon noticed it was looking too digital. after discussing this with a few of my classmates, they suggested i incorporate my illustration skills into the layout.

the shapes of the keys now influenced my drawing style. out of the three things i drew on this example, only one works. but the point is i know that it should work if i apply the right shapes to the right places. the main bar i show in the images below doesn't fit with the other drawings on the page. the way the keys are orientated on the page need to be changed, as well as work on the background image. the digital infographic also looks strange aesthetically, so i am spending the rest of the night illustrating a couple for class tomorrow morning.

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