Sven Arminious Sebastian VonSemioticon

Here starting my semiotic scrapbook, I had to pick a topic to discuss. I had to choose something in the entertainment side of things because I find the most fun in it. Above we see a first attempt at mind mapping for entertainment, more specifically music. I narrowed my choice down to music, first looking at music in general, then genres, but then I figured I know most about electronic music. Then I began to research the ten most important things that dealt with electronic music. After finding the most important things, I planned on glueing all the images into a journal sized book as if Sven Arminious Sebastian VonSemioticon was informing and keeping a journal of what he saw. I printed out the images and started to cut and paste them into my booklet, later adding pen notes describing interesting lingo and subculture information about electronic music scene. The next photos show process of completing the final semiotic scrapbook.

Style of Dress




Lights (glowsticks)



Reel to Reel

Drum Kit


And there we have it. A cohesive book that entitles the most important things of electronic music scene. I added a cut record to the cover flap for a little decorative elegance, as well as a sample cd of what electronic music sounds like on the inside.

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