Dive Deeper into semiotics EDIT*

I chose a radio to represent in semiotic fashion. My hope would be to diversify the audience anywhere from historians, newscast, sports enthusiasts, to music junkies. Because the radio became the main entertainment throughout the 1900's, there is a wide rage of topics to talk about when referring to the radio. People listened for updates in the wars, the Sunday game was broadcast to thousands of fans over the radio, and simply people just tuned in for some good ol music.
Growing up in the early 90's, we didn't really have MP3 and CD players to listen to, so the radio was the next best thing. I chose this object because it's what i grew up with, as well as many others older than me. Not only was it popular when I was a kid, there are quite a few people that still listen to it in the year 2008.
The wide range of things played on the radio has always interested me. I heard the newest songs come out and my dad listened for the scores of his favorite teams. My favorite thought of the radio exists in the 30's and 40's, when events of the World War was broadcast. I could just imagine myself, ear glued to the box, listening for any signs of family or friends of the war hoping to ensure their progress. I could almost pretend I was helping them by just tuning in.
These are just a few of the reasons I chose a radio for my semiotic object.

Good thing I had a back up plan. Another student chose a radio, so moved to plan B.
I have been fascinated with cameras for as long as i remember. the bodies themselves can be works of art. The idea of a 2d image captured on a light sensitive paper opens new possibilities for many activities and recordings. I went out and found an Argoflex 75 , duel lens reflex, in great condition with a carrying box. This will be the object of my new desire. The bottom view is a look through the viewfinder at the top of the camera.

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