adam post your crit hereeeee.

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AdamcBride said...

• rate overall concept from 10-1 (10 is best).

• comment on the story structure (plot, rising action, characters, etc)
I really like how the energy builds as the animation moves forward through time. A good example of this is when the crowd starts out a bit quiet, and increasingly gets more excited. I also like how you're framing certain situations/actions during a soccer game and together they read as a whole (starting from the grappling between players and ending with the guy scoring a goal.) But overall, I clearly understand the fact that this player has been fouled inside the box, and he then gets a penalty shot. Very clear.

• rate overall visual form/narrative quality from 1-10 (10 is best).
(9)...The rendering style is very interesting...Although I do wonder how it relates to what exists in the show? The narrative is excellent—very clear as to what is going on ( i think it would even come across to someone who is unaware or does not watch soccer).

• comment on how the story is told (visual quality, point-of-view, appropriateness, level of creativity, etc).
Again, I like the way you have "vignetted" certain moment from the game and the way in which it culminates into a much larger situation (scoring a goal). It's nice because you have created a clear beginning, middle and end. I also like how the show information is carefully placed within the story line—breaking it up slightly without completely seperating it and making it confusing.

• rate overall use of duration from 1-10 (10 is best).
(8)...seems to flow at a fairly even pace.

• what makes these durations good or bad (can you read/see everything necessary, is the pace too slow/fast, etc)?
Everything seems to have a good amount of screen time. I think it is neccessary because the rendering style deserves close attention and admiration. I feel like the host name could have been quicker, but that might throw off the pacing of the entire piece..i don't know? But overall, I feel like you have a good handle on what needs to be seen and for how long. I also think it is really nice the way in which the players will enter the screen rather fast and slow down as they complete the action. The quick exit also helps reinforce this concept.

• rate overall use of motion from 1-10 (10 is best).
(7)...the players seem to be moving a bit unnaturally, but I am ok with that I think due to the way that it is rendered.

• what makes these movements good or bad (appropriateness, character/quality, etc)?
The movement really come together and communicate well when you introduce the sound effects into them. I start to understand that that ball is being kicked as opposed to bouncing.

• rate overall use of transition from 1-10 (10 is best).

• what makes these transitions good or bad (appropriateness, creativity, do they overpower the content or augment it)?
Transitions are great here. The ball moves you from scene to scene quite nicely. The cut to the host name is executed swiftly through the use of the whistle, which I like a lot (although, the whistle does sound a bit unnatural).

• describe the hierarchy of communication channels (image, text, voice, music, sfx) and their relationships. what makes the mix of channels effective or ineffective?
The imagery seems to be the most dominant aspect on the screen at any given time, primarily due to its illustrative/cartoonish rendering style. I feel like the sound effects and music are supporting the images and corresponding directly with some of the actions that the soccer players are making. This relationship is nice because the sound effects reinforce the imagery creating a unique and interesting marriage between the two.

• does this project attempt to break with convention in how it presents information?
- if so, what makes it successful or not in its attempt?
Yes the rendering style is different from what I might think to be a traditional soccer show. The little amount of text that comes on screen is definately considered (revealing, hiding, and creating movement with it) which I think helps reinforce some of the movements, actions, and fundamentals of soccer.