When making a brand, one should pick a typeface that has a subliminal message. It should be able to work in black, white and color and used for small and large sizes. Tate uses the same rendering style of type (blurred) that they apply to all sorts of material. The stuff the type it's slapped on doesn't look like a cohesive set, but because the same typeface is applied it belongs together. This allows the identity to create a verity of looks, being specific to the project itself.
When creating a logo, one should strive to create an icon that resembles the ideals of the company. Nike's check resembles the goddess' (nike) wing as well as stands in for, well a check mark. Based on what I read, I will apply the same type to each artifact. On the other hand I'm going to change the font of one word in each artifact to signify a bigger idea to the beginning of the conference. This will visually explain the concepts my speakers will be discussing during the con. Bloomsbury the whale also says "ooooryeeeeee. vwoomp vwuump" and I couldn't agree more.

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