DS: solar organization

i was asked to develop a name and visual identity for my solar panel organization.

mission-provide alternate ways to power electronic devices

brand essence-going yellow

brand attributes-smart, efficient, modern, universal, optimistic, friendly

naming development was based on names of the sun, unit measurements for sunlight energy (for solar panels), what solar panels are made of (silicon) etc...
mighty rays
travel light
solar flair
solar circuit


first image making set. the type was thought of as a scientific approach, or a visual representation of temperature and degrees.

contrasting geometric shapes with hand drawn blemishes that act as sun spots
intricate detail, but when reduced in size, loose a lot of the ornate marks

second image set

third image set-idea was to play with pattern. allows for unlimited application because the lines are infinitely interchangeable.

final elements for the beam brand-

act as pattern

image and color use


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