DP: questions and considerations

We were asked to pair with a partner and describe our degree project proposals to one another. Our partner then came up with a question that we should answer by the end of the semester.

“How can a Dj's interactions with graphic systems work to expand upon the entertainment of club goers?”
(question formed by partner michael may)


would be a place that shared similar philosophies about work ethics; a place that knew how to get their hands dirty working, and went out afterwords to celebrate their accomplishments. We are not a single track society anymore. These minds would be able to have fun problem solving their way through video, motion graphics, sound, print, web, social and anything else that comes their way. I prefer a smaller office in which everyone was very open and accepting to new ideas and processes. I would like the office to have a comfortable working facility with natural lighting.

Personally I would like to work on a team to produce and edit videos; then design the packaging, poster, tshirts, web layout and other misc. artifacts that contribute to complete a system. I believe people (parts) have their own unique strengths that make the system (the team) complete. I love the idea of integrating motion graphics with film and sound. I'm also interested in user experience and how design may enhance the rituals of listening to the music. we become very attached to our music. you choose a very specific kind of music to listen to while you're performing different tasks or in certain situations. In the event of having no music, you become the rhythm and the sound with whatever task you're completing.

my ideal co workers would motivate and encourage me to dabble in photography, film, editing, sound, illustration, writing, layout design (print and web), kick ass, and participate in corn dog eating contests every other friday at the office.

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