as students our goal was to come up with an idea for our final senior show at the end of the year.

when thinking about a brandmark, i wanted it to be dynamic. considering i was thinking we are segmenting the rooms into different kinds of design, I assigned a color to each category. (print/packaging/motion/web - showcase all of our talents as a group)

in order to get the 25 students involved in the design, each student will create their own composition/mark/icon. based on the work they have in their portfolio or perhaps what kind of work they want to do when they graduate, each mark is a denotation for each student based on the color and scale of each shape in their composition. this way each student has a personal mark while remaining in the system. they have a sense of individuality of the group.

this is the catalogue cover. it combines a brand mark, title, place, time etc. on the back would be a grid of 25 individual brandmarks, one for each student. because the marks use the same colors, it still registers as a complete system. this also gives a second level of information about the student before seeing any of their work: example : Ian's mark has a lot of tan, so he must do a lot of web design.

this is the index of the web site. there is a left column with each students name. if you click on their name, it shows one representative piece of their portfolio or degree project. these will only be a sample. we don’t want to give everything away on the site.

users are also able to sort through categories (web/print/3d/motion) by clicking on the color. if you click on 3d work, small samples of the 3d work will appear in a grid on screen. each category also has a roll over sound to add yet another point of dimensionality to the system.

congrats josh and morgan for their winning entry un-think!

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