Flying Lotus + CASPA = yessssssss

okay so I’ll be sharing more than just than that show. First we’ll start with the Global Dance Festival at the Red Rocks in Colorado.

Dubstep sucka - Rusko

Rusko // Red Rocks from gerg kaufman on Vimeo.

Deadmau5 had the best light show I think I’ve ever seen.

deadmau5 // Red Rocks from gerg kaufman on Vimeo.

I mean, just look at these clips from MiLyfestyle on youtube.

Such a great show.

These next couple come from the party at the Mezzanine in SF (09.24.2010).
Flying Lotus and CASPA, who could have seen a better combo?

the world’s friendliest ghost. (caspa) Opening his set right after a fantastic performance by DJ Centipede.

CASPA from gerg kaufman on Vimeo.

Caspa dropping “The Others - Gravity”

the switchover. Caspa > Flying Lotus

and of course, last but not least, Flying Lotus.

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