Poor Kid in First Class

I'm sitting at home one day and up pops an email about sending me to South Africa for a video shoot. “Pfffft, South Africa?” I say as I drag the email to the trash bin. After a day or two, I get another email from a production company in LA that has indeed confirmed that this is no joke. They proposed to send me to South Africa in order to have my work in a snippet for a promotional video. This begins the story of me being flown out to Cape Town, South Africa for a week.

Lets face it, the closest thing to I've ever been to first class is watching George Clooney in Up In the Air. Little did I know after boarding the plane that I wasn't just in first class, I was on the upper deck of a British Airways Boeing 747. An interesting story about this plane is that I have met the industrial designer for the famous seats I would be sliding my butt into. It may be described as having 72 inches of legroom with audio video on demand, inflight entertainment and AC power outlets.

Club World-British Airways

Oh yeah, did I mention that the seat also slides down into a FREAKING BED?


As soon as I entered the plane, I was pampered like a fancy baby. As I sat down, an in flight stewardesses offered me a hot towel. Never being offered a hot towel before, I sat and observed the other passengers smother their faces and hands with this steamy delight. I started getting odd stares when they started noticing some punk ass kid staring blankly at them like a complete creeper. Next we were served our meals (what, we actually had a choice of what to eat?) My first meal was one of the best meals I've had in months. Something like... Steak tartar with mashed potatoes and greens. Soon everyone was off to sleep after indulging themselves with fine dining and drinks. Sitting there in the dark, on my fancy flat bed, the cabin was something reminiscent of a shuttle ticking it's way into space. Before I knew it, we had landed in London where I would await my next flight to Cape Town. Here is my documentation of the stop in London:

After another 10 hour flight to Cape Town, I was brought to the hotel I would be staying. After dropping my things off, I was able to get a quick tour of the area in and around Cape Town. The images explain in more detail than I ever could with writing, so just sit back and let your eye balls enjoy. 

view from my window 

View of Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela stayed for many years 

Table Mountain. The reason they call it Table Mountain is because when there are clouds in the sky, they move in a way that resembles a tablecloth waving in the wind. I although I did get to see the amazing effect, I didn't get my camera out because I was too busy picking up my jaw off the ground. 

And now, some photos of the on site video shoot. I have taken the liberty of hiding people's faces so they cannot be identified. 

What's that? Oh not much, just a cheetah walking through the lobby of the hotel.  

I leave you with a sunrise in Frankfurt, Germany. Auf Wiedersehen!


Caitlyn said...

This trip looks fantastic! Everything is so beautiful, including the first class seats. How cool!

gerg werk said...

Thank you, Caitlyn! I am very lucky indeed to have been able to experience such an adventure. I can only wonder what's next!