Final Placards

Most of the process for my placard was conceptual thinking, so I dont have many visual elements to show. I wanted to apply a new emotional atmosphere in contrast to the fun the clubbers have. I thought a lot about what the Rave Act itself means and concluded the best way to ruin a party is to show or imply authority/law. I chose to create evidence bags with some elements that police look for to stop kids going to raves. Of course police are always on the look out for slang and evidence of ecstasy within and around the club areas. The kids wear colored beads because some this might be a potential hiding place for the ecstasy to be hidden within. Many clubs have banned glowsticks because it is said light shows have direct influence of where to find drugs. While the bright lights are trailing, it helps kids trip when on pills.
Knowing these things, I stripped the fun out of raving and threw the evidence bags on the table aggressively to enter the scene. I used a flickering light to make it seem you are sitting in a small dirty basement being interrogated by authoritative figures. To help the mood of the animation, I added a song from the film Requiem For a Dream. This film shows subculture of drugs and effects, often having this music play in the background leaving the viewer very uncomfortable and silent.

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Amanda said...

I remember that. I was silent because the media player wasn't working and I couldn't hear the music.

But now I understand what the project was about. I have to say, the way you chose to represent the rave scene with evidence bags from the po-po is pretty outside the box.

And don't worry, you don't have to read my posts. They're not about you anyway. ;P