Placard Process

Again with the icon's she says. to create a placard, I started with three ideas that may give meaning to my 'rave' topic. I decided to use breakfast foods because whenever people left the clubs, they would go eat the only places that might be open. These places mainly consisted of ihop and denny's. I began to place icons inside the food or as toppings on pancakes.

Next I tried contrasting the night scene with a day scene (aka work). I began building my icons into the furniture and applying the texture of these office materials to the shape of my icons.

Last I thought about what the rave act really means, so I gathered evidence bags and put some of the actual elements as well as icons with the bags. Police were on the look out to monitor water sales and watch for glowsticks and bright colored beads (that may or may not be ecstasy). The glowsticks were apparently a sign that all kids did drugs because it enhanced tripping. I tried showing both a zoomed view and the whole package, and my teacher suggested I have a combination of both, so i did.


Tezz Walker said...

I think your third set is definitely your strongest. But even though we kind of clarified this in class, I kind of like your set dealing with the work office. It's a interesting subject matter seeing as most people have different day and night lifestyles. Even though were at the refinement stage, I think that it would've been cool to show different daytime lifestyles and not just the office setting, maybe show something like a piece of construction equipment for a construction workers job or something a bit more entertaining.

I particularly like the first row of that page. It feels like people should be interacting with the objects.
It would make a funny commercial!

gerg.kaufman said...

I agree with you about the interaction of people within the first row. It would make a hilarious sketch. That was kind of my idea for those placards (as if we were sitting in the office daydreaming about the party coming up later that week and all we could see were the small elements that lead to rave culture).
I also had some sketches and notes down about adding construction equipment instead of the white collar office job, but I think it would be a great juxtaposition to see the two as well as a third in a set. I thought it was very interesting you suggested that too.

I had most conceptual depth with my third set so that's the one I chose. You'll just have to wait and see where the flash takes it ;)