Progress on Inforgraphic

I have drawn a couple sketches of what i think my inforgraphic might start to incorporate including the price to pay after using the icons over a period of time. First I thought this would be easier to formulate as a graphic but soon turns out the length of time used in a 12 hour period might work to my benefit. it not only adds a narrative aspect to my infographic, but looks more dynamic as well. I also have numerous first hand accounts of the information and what times each spent at a club, what they wore, how long the drugs and dancing lasted. To visualize this, I referenced a clock added bars as to how long each icon lasted in a night. There is a direct reference to the places from start to finish and the hours of a clock.

Here is documentation and final product of my hand rendered infographic. The sphere references a clock and a record of a turntable. The bars represent the amount of time my icons last in a night (12 hour period). I went though a list of names for the infographic but so far, no success.
  • timetable
  • rave round the clock
  • 12th hour party hour
  • ravers revolution
  • 12 hour party

After looking over my hand rendered shape, the next step was to translate into a digital translation.

When viewing my digital render, I think it looks a bit flat. To fix this problem I searched around on the web for some inspiriting infographics that added depth to them. The examples I found deal with transparency as well as form to infer overlapping of time or events. In my next steps I am going to try and incorporate these elements into my graphic. They will add another aesthetic level to my information and look more dynamic.


jamie said...

With a move to 3D - will you loose the turn table and clock concept?

Adam McBride said...

I enjoy the relationship you're making conceptually between the clock and the turntable. I think that it's great to see you reference that your content...always makes for a rich and refined outcome. Also, I think the level of simplicity is utilized nicely. It isn't overwhelming and busy, but rather forward and to the point. Overall, I like the direction you've taken, but I know you were wanting to bring it into a 3 dimensional realm. I would agree with Jamie that perhaps the clock and turntable ideas would become skewed. Maybe you can find a way to make it work though? One thing I feel like your grahic is missing is a title. Other than that I think your direction is solid.