RAVE ACT: Final Spread and Infographic

At last the time has arisen when I have to turn in my spread with incorporated infograph. This process was tough. I am physically and emotionally spent. While creating my infographic and spread, I realized the two came hand in hand. When I made a change to one, I had to reinforce the same idea to the other. When I used flat shapes to characterize time, the same shapes were scattered throughout the spread. But I wanted to do something more. I wanted to push myself to see how interesting I could make my infographic as well as make it successful.
How could I push the idea of time? I was watching a lot of music videos that were for electronic DJs and they dealt with a lot of 3d shapes and colored renders. I was dealing with events that happened in one night, so I used a 12 sided shape. I exploded the events into five segments to take up x, y ,and z axis'. The new shapes were put throughout the spread for a cohesive set.
The hardest part for me was incorporating the icons within the already very graphic shapes. I decided to put the icons inside because the shapes themselves were so complex.
I used color to distinguish hour. The shapes aren't colored all the way around because the colors correspond to the amount of time they last during a night out. After the color ended, I gave a reason to why this icon isn't used anymore in the night. I attached the same color as the ending segment to the color of the text so the reader would be able to connect the two ideas together.
My subject matter deals with the night , so I used black as my background and created a horizon line for the text to interact with. I built the text up from this line trying to impose the idea of a city scape. Bright colors are used to accent key elements such as the ecstasy and shapes that referenced my infographic. The small accents of color is something you would see in a rave. (The lights are turned off and elements such as glowsticks and strobe lights are used in unison with dancing)

The article I used is dealing with the Rave Act. The "RAVE" Act makes it easier for the federal government to prosecute innocent business owners for the drug offenses of their customers - even if they take steps to stop such activity. Here are my three spreads, my infographic as my third spread.

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