kinetic type final

small changes. but they're there.


Laura Berglund said...

Heeey Gregory!

Great job on your final animation- the extreme wealth of movement is very visually appealing, and there is no way the viewer could lose interest. The first time I saw your final I was surprised by the amount of energy you were able to convey in only seven seconds. But I think I was also surprised, and maybe a little taken aback at how quickly it went by. I think that if you just slowed it down by just a couple more seconds, then the viewer would really be able to absorb what was going on, instead of being left wondering what just happened. Because I did need to watch it a couple of times to really get the hang of it.

Besides the speed of the animation, it is hard for me to find anything else wrong with it. I know you mentioned to me the conceptual meaning behind your simplistic use of black and white referencing the soccer shoe and the soccer ball, but I think that perhaps that would have come through more as a legitimate statement if the colors were reversed, so it was white on black? Because thinking of the shoes, usually it's a white stripe on the black shoe, but also having them reversed would make the viewer question more why they were like that. Right now, it just looks as if the assignment called for black on white, since that is the most basic fundamental way to render something.

More specifically to your actions- I loved the speed verb... the vibrations and stretching out of the type made it full of energy and added even more to the fast nature of the action. Dig was also good, the dirt clods coming up really helped to show that the word 'dug' into the ground. Grip was my least favorite, although still good, I think it might come off more as bounce, or like shooting around a corner somehow. Grip is just a really hard word to convey... so I think you are well on your way- maybe if it was slowed down a hare, it might hold on the 'gripping' aspect just long enough to appear like it got a foothold on that point on screen. Right now, it's just shooting off of it.

About your question as to whether a handmade aesthetic might help your meaning... I don't think it would- the vector is just so clean and smooth, it only emphasizes the quick pace of soccer and all three of your verbs. I think if you did anything analog, it wouldn't be as perfected or smooth as it seems like it should be, so excellent choice using vectors!

Overall, A+++++. yay!

AdamcBride said...

Nice execution of the final animation...very smooth and nice use of digital tools. However, when first viewing the animation, I found it to be very fast. I understand that it is referencing the quick/fast nature of soccer, but I feel like I need to see them on the screen for longer. I think that most people need a bit more time to communicate/relate to each action because of the level of abstraction involved (pretty much the fact that we're using type to convey these actions). So I think that you could hold some of these actions on the screen for longer, or maybe have them re-enter the screen (i dont know). I just feel like right now, I have to watch it several times to really connect with the movements your are referring to. Other than the pace, I feel like this is a very strong animation. I love the speed and angle in which the third action exits the screen. Again maybe it isn't so fast when the type approaches that turn though. Don't get me wrong though, the speed is essential to your concept. It is just the amount of screen time each action has. Specifically, the second action (dig) has very little presence; making me wonder what has just happened and ultimatley needing to view it again. However, I do like how you are manipulating the type in the first action (speed) (i.e.> when the letters stretch as they are pulling away). This element is true to the nature of speed. Also the vibrations and "rumbling" of the letterforms really do communicate as steadfast concept. Overall, I think you've constructed a strong animation that is both elegant and powerful. I suggest you show this animation to other people (maybe some not in our class, and maybe soccer enthusiasts) and see what their opinions are regarding each action. Other than that, great work...as always.