visual langage : final posters and statement

I wanted to create posters that were visually engaging not only to my demographic, but to anyone on the streets. Applying a hand made aesthetic is something rich and deep in mexican culture, so it was a must. by sampling from aztec drawings and carvings, i wanted to speak to the importance of mexican tradition. the fist poster is a parody because the headdress has icons that demonstrate a few concerns of my demographic. i chose to show education, health care, and the issues of war. I also added the two major parties into the collage. on my second poster, i used the hyperbole trope. i wanted to make this quite clear how quickley the say in immigration could be with their vote (the most populous demographic with the lowest voter turnout). i used physical maps so there was no mistake to what land mass i was referring to. i didn't want the rendering style or abstraction of my hand to change the true shape of their homeland. formally, the water is a texture i created and then cut into a mexican pattern. working with semiotics and using rhetorical devices helped me experiment formally and conceptually for the final outcome.

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