MX: website idea wireframes

to begin, the first screen shows the navigation (info/work/resume/contact) - and a sub navigation (one/two/three) with the first 'artwork' (ein) in its rollover state.

the screen looks red. the red stands in as the work itself. use your imagination and pretend the red is my work of art. it's a full screen image, thus maximizing viewing pleasure.

using keyboard commands, you are able to toggle on and off the navigation, leaving what's important (the work) left full screened. you are then able to use the arrow keys to sift through the rest of the work (different documented angles) in that section (ein), without having to pull up the navigation.

two.simple navigation ribbons down. the work is shown as a full bleed image (shown as abstract color photo)

press "i" to get the information about the project shown. when the letter "i" is released the information box disappears.

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