VA: shake yo' booties (Work It!)

here's the skinny, if you will. america is the meatiest country in the world (couldn't imagine why). to put it nicely, we got as much junk in the trunk as a 1938 Buick Special 8. Heart related issues are leading cause of death, killing over 652,468 (27.7%) of North Americans. Half of the top ten leading causes of death are associated with an inactive lifestyle. (Any) exercising can greatly reduce health problems and help improve well being.

Now, I'm not going to spend hours of my time picking out songs for you to exercise with. That's why I've created Work It!—a prototype music database so people can create their own playlists. your peronalized jams will keep your heart pumpin' through whatever exercise routine you prefer. *disclaimer* you don't need to go to the gym to exercise. If you want to jog down the street in high heals and white leotards listening and imitating your favorite new lady gaga video, i can't be too displeased because at least you're doing something active. (but seriously. no leotards) the point is, whatever music you decide to exercise with will encourage you to keep doing it week after week.

the iphone application allows you to access your playlists on the go. the application also tracks your body mass index, calorie count, step count and heart beats per minute. what's that, not keeping up with recommended beats per minute? no? how about sending your heart on overdrive for an extended amount of time? the background color changes blood red as a voice notifies you maintain a healthy bpm rate.

you might be saying,“yeah, i guess that's cool greg. but how are people going to find out about Work It!?” large stickers will be placed on soda and vending machines reminding you of your unhealthy habits. going to eat that bag of cheetos? no problem, walk around the building four times while you're doing it.

“a person that weighs 160 lbs expends 4.5 calories per minute while exercising.”

now get out there and Work It!

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