The Rave Act

After reviewing the color choices I experimented with, I concluded to use two hues of blue. When I chose the best color scheme, I applied a darker hue blue to most of the object with a highly saturated second blue accented the most important parts. These reference the mood of the parties because when you enter the clubs it is very dark, and you might only see a couple of highly saturated/bright colors.

Throughout this investigation I have constantly had to change my icons, and I thought I was done. But further research I figured I needed to change one icon, one that was tough to convey in the first place. The glow sticks. Through the addition of color, I noticed the icon itself needed huge revision. So I came up with this.

There is still slight alteration in the black and white icon and the color because throughout my color series, I didn't have the two blues touching, so I couldn't make an exception for the glowstick. By adding highlights to the base of the stick, it reflects the rest of the set, rather than having a solid black bar. I also simplified the black and white version because there would be too much information in the icon if i left small lines around the outside.
Although this solution is resolved, I need to explore more options for the dancer.

Now you also might be wondering why I titled the post "the Rave Act". After ruffling through various names for my set, my friend John sent me a link about The "Rave" Act that makes it easier for the federal government to prosecute innocent business owners for the drug offenses of their customers - even if they take steps to stop such activity. Although I might come up with different names, this one references the semiotic journal I created, acting more of an informational booklet for the uneducated.

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jamie said...

This new addition of written commentary is a great compliment to the images you're posting - further articulates your thought process/evolution.

Excellent outside resource with the Rave Act article - I encourage you to post anything that relates topically. You never know when these collected random bits and pieces will inspire and inform your project.