Black and White

I was stumbling across some sites when I came across some of my favorite things (music and motion). What caught my eye was a black illustration (icon) of a wolf I found very attractive and realized it was concept idea for a video. These assignments we are working in visual communication I now see can be seen everywhere. Hoping to go into motion myself, I find this video very inspiring because of their use of one color drawing systems (what we are doing now in class). The ability to create abstract fields of color to conceptualize objects into a cohesive story is just what I need to help push me through school and continue my goals of making motion graphics.
What's also great about this page is the process for creating the shapes for the video (something the students in kcai are learning quickly and routinely). It is great to see a lot of the capturing was done with tangible objects, and not digital rendering (the grass/leaves/animals and so on).
With further ado, the video by a group called gap. Black and White is played by Danish post-punk duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, better known as The Raveonettes.

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jamie said...

Nice post Greg.

Per your interest in motion, you might look into getting your hands on AfterEffects and playing with it this summer.