comm models: object postcard


Greg Gentry said...

When im looking at your piece, i get a feeling of a positive tone even though its is dark around the subject. The bright reflection of this image gives it an importance and angelic illuminating glow.

Im able to focus on the object and nothing else, for there literally is nothing to look at. With it being small and placed in the rule of thirds to the upper right and a little in the distance i feel this object is of importance but still a mysterious unknown object. But i do not fear this object because it is isolated and known threatening.

This physical post card 5x7 is a physical print out of a photograph and it is representational.
The online image is mechanical and it is through using the internet.

The main noise in this image is the photographic quality in which it was shot for if i didnt know it was a camera, i would have a hard time seeing a camera because the focus is blurry and the object is not completely lit so the noise in this object exists because of the method it was shot.

gerg.kaufman said...

my intention of this photo is negative. because the camera is out of focus and the whole object isn't shown, it becomes anonymous. i was playing with the idea of photographers being voyeurs, whether in a good or bad connotation. it conveys a horror movie almost, as if someone mistakenly shined a light walking or driving by to catch a quick glimpse of this object lurking in the shadows. through my digital camera, i placed an old kodac brownie in front the lens for a more distant approach. because the photo is taken through two lenses, it skews the image in a way we are not normally accustomed to viewing photographs.

thenewprogramme said...

kaufman, awesome idea to use the additional lens on your final image! i never would have thought of that.