Project 3: Sound

For my original concepts I wanted to create pages with links that the user could click on for navigation to a link. This allowed for e to incorporate common soccer elements (shoes, balls, the pitch) for a nice aesthetic feel. After creating these designs, I realized it was very strict and one sided for the user by directing them a certain way through the links.

after these initial concepts, i created these test files to see how the ideas would actually work when put to play.

after doing all this work, i realized the way i was allowing my user was very one sided, me. this must not be very interesting for someone to participate. for my final final concept, i wanted the interface to be as playful as their minds let them. because i placed everything on one frame, it allowed the user to have the optimum number of options available for their picking. this also allows for the user to create their own connections between moving and still images, sound fx, and music. the only thing i did not let you move around the page was the storyboard on the right side. i applied a sound fx to each image, but i thought it might be too hectic if the sound frames were movable. that is the one structured element i wanted the usuer not able to change.

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